Fan-Tastic Vent


The Fan-Tastic Vent received highest praise on Sprinter Forum and a friend loves his, so that is what we chose. Being new to this van conversion thing, Jim wasn't ready to cut a hole in the roof himself so contacted VANco of Northern California. John, the service manager, quoted $350 for the vent and $125 for installion. We found it on Amazon for $225, a better price than he usually pays. He suggested we buy it online and have it shipped to VANco. They installed it for $125 in less than two hours. It works great!




The fan has a digital wireless RF remote control. Two operating modes allow for fourteen fixed manual or thermostat actuated automatic variable speeds. It has a sensor that will close the vent when it starts raining. The air flow can be changed from input to exhaust from the remote. Pretty cool system.