Storing Tenaya on the "Hard"




June 2009,

Storing Tenaya on the hard (out of the water) for the hurricane season in the British Virgin Islands requires a number of projects to be completed.

Here is our list of projects we needed to complete before she was stored for the season. There is no order to the list, just things we added as we planned our haul-out.


"To Do" List

Pickle Water Maker

Take Jib sail off, repair, clean and store

Refrigerator and Freezer - clean, empty, open, turn off

Outside Butane fuel - turn off

Remove log transponder

Put Vaseline on hatch and window seals

Take off Bimini

Take off Dodger

Outboard engine - fresh water flush and fogging oil. Grease/change gear oil

Fresh water flush bilge

Holding tank, clean and store with vinegar

Remove batteries from all flashlights, GPS, VHF, etc.

Fill fuel tanks - add biocide

Flush fresh water tanks with soap

Remove outside chart plotter

Store Sat phone and VHF handsets

Turn all thru-haul fittings open and close and lubricate

Check Anodes - order replacements

Remove and store stern anchor, lifesling, horseshoe/light

Remove life raft - store below

Pull all halyards to avoid UV damage

Remove Rod kicker

Remove Boom and store on deck

Remove spinnaker pole and store on deck

Dinghy - clean, deflate and cover

Change engine oil and all filters

Change generator oil and all filters

Drain/replace coolant

Clean engine

Batteries fully charged and checked

Clean any fabrics that are salty

Go through food supplies/ check expiry dates

Wipe all interior surfaces with windex

Leave out ant and roach bait

Go up mast and check all rigging/lubricate sheaves, etc.

Clean and grease winches

Store with water tanks empty

Wash dock lines/sheets/halyards/etc.

Check bolts on auto pilot/monitor windvane/rudder

Run heater

Replace raw water impeller in engine

Wash all clothes that are used

Wash all towels, napkins, rags, etc.

Store bedding in waterproof bags

Vacuum carpets/ clean floor

Sand and varnish companionway entrance

Buy plastic tapes for storage

Wash curtains

Wash outside cushions and outside pillows

Wash sheets/cottons

Fresh water flush engine

Fresh water flush generator

Clean stains on hull



















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