How did we choose the name TENAYA?


Equipment on Tenaya - Original, Additions, Replacements, Repairs and Comments

 The Name "Tenaya"


Choosing a Cruising Sailboat by John Neal

Building Tenaya


K* & Tenaya

A good hull is the base for a solid yacht. Hallberg-Rassy has been building GRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester) hulls for over 40 years. The keel area is solid laminate and has a grid system that reinforces the hull under the waterline. This grid distributes loads from the bottom out into the hull in case of grounding (which we hope never to test).

After the hulls are molded a grid is bonded to the shell. Then all bulkheads are laminated from both sides to give additional strength.  Then the deck and hull are joined together by overlapping laminate; there are no bolts or screws and the bulkheads are also laminated to the deck from both sides.

Jim 12.05

It takes about 5 months to build a Hallberg-Rassy boat. The work is performed by teams specializing in different categories and all work is done in house. The teak and other woodwork is hand crafted by experts. On staff are experienced specialists for engine installation, electrical installation, etc.

Watching with our own eyes the amount of care that goes into every step was a great experience.



Looking at all the things that still need to go in Tenaya, it's hard to believe it will all fit. It will, won't it?



Visit to Hallberg-Rassy during December 2005




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The Hallberg-Rassy 40 has won many awards and is one of the most respected cruising boats available.  We were convinced that Hallberg-Rassy made the best boat to meet our needs, but visiting the yard was a fantastic experience.  Watching the amount of care that goes into each boat and the amount of work to ensure everything is perfect convinced us even more that we had made the right decision.

Hallberg-Rassy 40 360 View of HR 40

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Cruising World Review


Designer: Germán Frers

He has produced more than 600 designs, sail and power, cruising and racing from 20 to 200 foot megayachts, which are considered to be among the best in the world. The list of clients and yachts reads like the who’s who in yachting around the world, from Europe and Great Britain, North and South America, Japan, the Far East, Australia and New Zealand.
These designs have won all the major trophies in the world including Admiral’s Cup, Onion Patch, Bermuda Race, Transpacific,Whitbread Round the World Race, Sardinia Cup, Buenos Aires-Rio Race, S.O.R.C., Kenwood Cup, Copa del Rey, San Francisco Big Boat Series, Giraglia Race, Settimana delle Bocche, Two Ton Cup World Championship, Martini Middle Sea Race, Maxi World Championship, Nioulargue, etc.

Hallberg-Rassy 40
Designer: Germán Frers
CE Category A – unlimited ocean voyages

Hull Length                              12.4 m                                    40’8”
Waterline                                10.6 m                                    34’9”
Beam                                      3.82 m                                    12’6”
Draft                                       1.99 m                                    6’ 7”
Displacement                             10 t                                   22,000 lbs
Mast over water                      18.3 m                                       60’

Engine, Yanmar                         4JH4E
Number of cylinders                     4
Cylinder volume                        2.2 liters
Power                                       40 kW                                    54 HP
Diesel tank                              445 liters                         118.5 US Gal
Cruising range under power             Approximately 890 NM
Water tank                              460 liters                         122 US Gal


HR 40 numbers:

Displacement to Waterline Length


modern boats are 190-270.

Sail Area to displacement


other boats- 13.2 to 16.8 (higher is better)

Capsize Screening Index


want < 2 (lower is better)

Comfort Index


other boats are 19.6 to 28.8 (higher is better)

Theoretical Hull Speed in knots





How to care for teak decks


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